There is nothing more awesome than a QUICK full body workout! I have realised recently how important it is to exercise, we generally tend to skip our workouts because of how busy we are with other things in life like working or studying etc. So, the remedy to this problem, is this intense 4 minute full body workout by Pilates Expert Namrata Purohit. Here is the breakdown:

Jumping Jacks (30 Seconds)
Lunges (30 Seconds)
Ab Prep (30 Seconds)
Push Up (30 Seconds)
Tricep Dips (30 Seconds)
Single Leg Stretch (30 Seconds)
Wall Sit (1 Minute)

This going to burn some calories, get your heart beat up! Which is going to help you stay more alert, and increase overall productivity.

TIP: Remember to wear your exercise gear while you workout, including a sports bra and sports shoes.

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4-Minute Full Body Workout Fitness With Namrata Purohit